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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1977119621512118321783997Jai AshAlexander Thomson2019/2020Division 3 2nds1 1Corio
281331741512118321765981*Jack R ClaphamAlexander Thomson2019/2020Division 3 1sts1 1Corio
3743137211512118321784974Michael CoxAlexander Thomson2019/2020Division 3 2nds3 1Geelong West
463331741512118321766463Jack R ClaphamAlexander Thomson2019/2020Division 3 1sts2 1St Albans Breakwater
559331741512118321766959Jack R ClaphamAlexander Thomson2019/2020Division 3 1sts3 1Geelong West
6557048381512118321766955Bailey ForssmanAlexander Thomson2019/2020Division 3 1sts3 1Geelong West
7547430321512118326354654*Ryan O CotterAlexander Thomson Olney2019/2020Under 17 Everett2 1Modewarre
8537600651512118335046153*Jacob ArmytageAlexander Thomson2019/2020One Day South (50)2 1Leopold
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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