Social Media Policy


Alexander Thomson Cricket Club (the Club) has an online presence on the following Social Media channels;


  • Private
    • Facebook – Closed Group
  • Public
    • Instagram – posting and Instagram TV
    • Twitter



The Club also maintains a general club email account – – monitored by the Club Secretary.



The purpose of the Club’s Social Media presence is predominantly to foster communication between club members, administration and playing leadership (Coaches, Selectors and Captains), to entertain and inform the wider club community, and promote the club’s general interests in the Geelong Cricket and Sporting community.

Social Media Usage by the Club


Public Social Media


Access to the club’s Instagram and Twitter accounts is “open” (public), as is governed by the nature of those channels.

As such all communications published on behalf of the club must conform with the acceptable usage guidelines outlined below.

Any breach of these guidelines will cause loss of publishing access and may incur further disciplinary action at the discretion of the General Committee.


Private Social Media - Facebook Guidelines

The Club’s Facebook Group is a “private” group and access is controlled by administrators.

The Facebook group’s administrators are appointed by the committee and will be members of the General Committee unless otherwise agreed by the Committee.

The Club’s Facebook group shall be an online "place" where club members can gather (virtually) to interact and discuss any issue, cricket or social related.

Conduct expected in this environment shall have parallels with "standing at the bar after a game" or "around the ground during a game" and is governed by the Acceptable Use guidelines outlined below.


What the Facebook Group ought to be:

  • A virtual gathering place for anyone with a formal or social connection to the club.
  • Welcoming to all participants


What the Facebook Group must NOT be:

  • A platform to promote individual non-club related interests 
  • Hostile or Abusive
  • Defamatory
  • Inciting anger or arguments
  • Bringing the club into disrepute
  • Disclosing Personal or Private information
  • Partake in any conduct classified as harassment

Social Media Usage by Members


All club members and “related parties” must also abide by the Acceptable Use guidelines below in all interactions with Social Media channels related to the club or any of its governing bodies, including but not limited to, the Geelong Cricket Association, the Geelong Cricket Club, Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia and any cricket forum on which the member can be identified as a member of the Club.


Social Media - Acceptable Usage Guidelines – All Parties


  • Always show respect to all third parties, including but not limited to all sporting clubs, administrative bodies, the General Committee, Club Members and players from opposition clubs.
  • Limit all content to the Club’s immediate area of concern – see Statement of Purpose – and related social activities.
  • Do not use profanity.
  • Promote club and social functions.
  • Do not use Club media channels to promote businesses or services other than sponsors of the Club (including player sponsors).
  • Never misrepresent the club by offering opinions or making commentary on issues that are not endorsed by the club.
  • Never make political or religious related commentary or force political or religious opinions on other members.
  • Never disclose confidential club or Geelong Cricket Association information.
  • Never compromise the privacy of Club members.
  • Never partake in, encourage or endorse any behavior that constitutes harassment, or bullying – see Harassment guidelines below.


Harassment Guidelines


Harassment is any behaviour by a person which is offensive, abusive, belittling, bullying or threatening and which is directed at a person or a group of people because of a particular characteristic of that person or group of people. The behaviour must be unwelcome and the sort of behaviour a reasonable person would recognise as being unwelcome and likely to cause the recipient to feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Whether or not the behaviour is Harassment is to be determined from the point of view of the person receiving the Harassment.

Harassment behaviour may include, but is not limited to, misuse of technology such as e-mail, instant messages, text messages, phone messages, posting on websites or blogs including social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and transmission or possession of inappropriate digital images or videos.


Harassment includes:


(a) Sexual Harassment

(b) Racial Harassment

(c) Sexuality Harassment

(d) Disability Harassment

(e) Abuse

(f) Vilification

(g) Discrimination


Under the GCA’s code of conduct, Breaches of the Harassment policy, once reported or detected, will be referred to the Investigation Committee, and may be for on field or off-field occurrences, including use of social media.





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